Saturday, January 31, 2009


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Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera buat semua pengunjung Ruang Rindu. Sudah lama kan saya tak updatekan teratak saya hinggakan ada yang komplen. Kih kih kih. Penghujung Januari 2009, saya ingin kongsikan sebuah quote yang pernah dihasilkan oleh Hlovate dalam novelnya yang berjudul 5 tahun 5 bulan yang saya rasakan amat bermakna setiap baris-baris katanya. Hayati dan Renungilah ia kerana ia bisa terjadi untuk sesiapa jua.
Love Myspace Comments

Have You Ever Wondered Which Hurts The Most?
Saying Something And Whishing You Hadn’t?
Or Saying Nothing And Wishing You Had?

I Guess The Most Important Things Are The Hardest Things To Say.
Don’t Be Afraid To TELL Someone You Love Them.
If You Do, They Might Break Your Heart ...
If You Don’t, YOU Might Break Theirs.

Have You Ever Decided Not To Become A Couple Because You Are So Afraid Of Losing What You Already Had With That Person?

Your Heart Decides Whom It Likes And Whom It Doesn’t.

You CAN’T Tell Your Heart What To Do.
It Does It On Its Own ... When You Least Suspect It, Or Even When You Don’t Want It To.

Have You Ever Wanted To Love Someone With Everythings You Had, But That Other Person Was Too Afraid To Let You?

Too Many Of Us Stay Walled Up Because We Are Too Afraid To Care Too Much ... For Fear That The Other Person Does Not Care As Much, Or Even At All.

Have You Ever Denied Your Feelings For Someone Because You Fear For Rejection Was Too Hard To Handle?

We Tell Lies When We Are Afraid ... Afraid Of What We Don’t Know, Afraid Of What Other Will Think, Afraid Of What Will Be Found Out About Us.

But Every time We Tell A lie, The Things We Fear GROWS Stronger.

Life Is All About Risks and It REQUIRES You To Jump.

Don’t Be A Person Who Has To Look Back And Wonder That They WOULD Have Done, Or COULD Have Had.

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